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so in alfie's younow show, isnt it hilarious zoe saying that she's not getting anything out of their deal of going to mcdonalds. so we know what she wanna get out of that deal huh? wink wink?

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i was reading that anons ask that said zoe is so full of herself and that is not even close to true even just by watching one video of hers you can tell that she is an amazing human being who is humble and sincere and cares for others and likes to make fun of herself she is nowhere near full of herself

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I love how they use this mug for their daily lives


I love how they use this mug for their daily lives

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They’re so cute

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The various faces of Alfie Deyes while getting his eyebrows plucked x

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A loud noise managed to wake Alfie up from his deep sleep. Looking around lazily to find out what caused his awaking, it took him a few seconds to realise. A light flashed behind his curtains followed by a reverberating thunder that made the entire building tremble. The sound of droplets hitting hard against his windows was also a reason as to why he had woken up.

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There is the most insane thunder and lightning, so I wanna head over so that Zoe’s not alone because she’s probably not enjoying it. Erm I don’t know she might be fine, she might just be asleep, but I’d rather just be at her house - with her
— Alfie Deyes once again winning “best boyfriend award” during a 5:45am thunderstorm ladies and gentlemen. (via zoelladeyes)